Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT)

Gujarat International Finance Tech-City (GIFT City) is a business district currently being constructed in the state of Gujarat. GIFT City is India’s first operational smart city with the development of world-class infrastructure and sustainable master planning, which will make GIFT at par or above par with renowned centres like London, Shanghai, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, etc.

Promoted by the state government of Gujarat as a greenfield project, it will include commercial and residential complexes.

The GIFT City’s plan is for the 359 hectares (886 acres) of land area to have approximately 110 buildings with 62,000,000 sq ft of built-up area, of which around 67% is commercial, 22% is for residential and 11% is social facilities. Currently, 2,000,000 sq ft of commercial space is operational, and another 3,000,000 sq ft is under development.

Gujarat International Finance Tech-City

  • GIFT City is an integrated development on 886 acres of land with 62 mn sq. ft. of built-up area which includes office space, residential, schools, hospitals, hotels, clubs, retail and various recreation facilities.
  • GIFT is a vertical city that will optimise the land area consumption for the development.
  • GIFT is located on the banks of Sabarmati river, connecting business capital (Ahmedabad) and political capital (Gandhinagar) of Gujarat state – The Growth Engine of India.
  • The GIFT City is located 12 km from Ahmedabad International Airport.
  • GIFT City has a dedicated multi-services Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for International operations for various services sector players.
  • Also, GIFT multi-services SEZ has the status of India’s first International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) approved by the Government of India.
  • The establishment of IFSC in India is expected to increase employment opportunities, thereby, enhancing economic activity and revenue generation.

Aim of the GIFT City project

As per official statements, the Gujarat International Finance Tech City will be a major boost to India’s Smart-City missions by playing a key role in the burgeoning finance and technology sectors.

The concept of GIFT City was ideated in 2007 and its planning was awarded to East China Architectural Design & Research Institute (ECADI), which is credited with the planning of much of modern-day Shanghai.

The proposed utilities for the city are as follows:



A 400 MV electrical supply line is proposed to be laid which will reduce the chances of power outages. The cables will be laid in a utility tunnel consisting of thick concrete walls in redundant paths.


Telecommunication Services

GIFT City will have state-of-the-art telecommunications systems which will be based on the concept of FTTX (Fiber to home/office). The communications lines will be laid in fault-tolerant rich architecture to ensure maximum uptime of services


Piped gas

Natural gas is distributed to every house and building via pipes, which is cheaper and safer than cylinders. Gas supply to the city is done from the existing gas network of the state-owned company for gas transmission pipelines. Piped natural gas is already in distribution in the nearby cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.


Solid waste management

All waste in the city are collected and taken to the processing plant by vacuum chutes installed at every floor of all buildings. The waste is automatically sucked through underground chutes at a high speed of 90 km/h and is being treated through various methods including plasma gasification.



Transportation in GIFT City will consist of Metro, Light Rail and Bus Rapid Transportation System & Use of electric personal rapid transit systems within the city.

Projects in Gift City

About Gift Ifsc

International Financial Services Oentre (IFSC) serves customers outside the domest economy and handles cross border financial products and services. Any financial institution set up in IFSC will be treated as a non-resident located outside India. IFSO offers a rational legal regulatory framework, developed infrastructure, strategic location and better tax benefits.

  • Offshore Banking
  • Insurance and reinsurance
  • Corporate treasury management
  • Fund custody, administration & custody
  • Securities trading
  • Asset management and global portfolio diversification undertaken by pension funds, insurance Companies and mutual funds
  • Wealth management
  • Global tax management and cross-border tax liability optimization (provides a business opportunity for financial intermediaries, accountants and law firms)
  • Global and regional corporate treasury management operations that involve fund-raising, liquidity investment, management and asset-liability matching
  • Risk management operations such a s insurance and reinsurance
  • Merger and acquisition activities among trans-national corporation
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